Spark Eroding. Co. UK
Mobile Spark Erosion Services
by Pear Tree Engineering

Health and Safety Risk Assements

We cannot assess any risk until inspection of the customer's premises and work areas

 Care will be taken when working in areas below:-

a/ where overhead cranes operate.
b/ near potential falls or drops or when on scaffolding, slippery surfaces etc.
c/ where inflammable materials or gasses are present.
d/ with routing etc of electrical cables.
e/ other people are at work or are present.
f/ where substances hazardous to health are present or nearby.

 The customer must advise of, and help to take precautions against any specific hazard or potential hazard to protect ALL personnel and the environment.

Our work involves the following operations:-

1/ loading and unloading of equipment, some of which may be heavy, fork lift truck or crane
     may be required
2/ setting up of machine etc taking care with weights etc..
3/ use of electro discharge machine, taking care to minimise
a.   sparks from edm operation
b.  electric shock by care with electrical cable routing etc.
c.   any risk to others or environment by any other  hazard  specific to the location
d.   use of soluble oils in cooling fluid and care in disposal of same.
4/ screening and/or restriction of access responsibility of the customer
There may be flooding because of the copious amount of coolant water used which is
    difficult to collect, customer should provide means of collection and disposal and prevent
    any person from entering spillage which may cause a slip.


 Assessment will be made before work commences and steps taken to reduce or eliminate risks  regarding :-

  •  Pollution of the environment

  • Dangers regarding fire or explosion from volatile liquids or gasses

  • Electrical shock

 Fire extinguishers to be provided by customer if required by customer.
 Company electrician to make connections into customerís electricity system if no suitable socket
 is available, or we will connect at customerís risk.
 Customer must take own precautions to minimise or eliminate electrical damage to any control
 units by electrical surge from edm machine.

 Under the REACH requirements, the only dielectric used is water.

Basic method Statement

 On admission to customer's premises and required work area we will :-

 check that customer's HSE requirements and policies and agree with ours

 ascertain general safe working conditions and the safety of electrical supplies etc provided

 recommend any precautions regarding cnc controls etc

 check the required work and location etc for hazards

 agree with the customer regard the removal of the item

 if we are satisfied we will unload the equipment and ensure the safe setting up of the same. taking care that all cables are safely routed to minimise trips etc, etc.

 remove the tap, drill or stud

 after completion we will remove all our equipment



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