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action of electrode disintigrating tap


The Disintegrator Process

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The Disintegrator Process

A clean cut with little or no damage to the work piece which is achieved by creating an electric spark between
the broken item and the electrode which is held in a vibrating head.
The spark at the tip of the electrode and the item to be removed reaches almost 5000 degrees Centigrade,
flooding with coolant creates a thermal shock, reducing the heated material of the broken item
 to powder which is flushed away.


action of electrode disintigrating tap

Because the high temperature arc between the electrode and  the work piece is continuously quenched by coolant, there is no softening of material around the hole. The hole created by the arc takes the same shape as the electrode used.

BENEFITS to you:
Reclaim expensive parts quickly, easily.
No re-manufacturing of parts. 
Flexible working hours.
Quick response.
Eliminate production overruns and late deliveries.
                                                   Scrap reclamation.

tap after spark eroding The spark eroding process has burnt out the centre of a  broken tap leaving only the flutes to be removed, not damaging the parent metal. It also removes the centre only of a broken drill, but may do some damage to the threads of a broken bolt or stud, which then would need to be reclaimed by the insertion of a wire insert.


We use Electro Arc  machinery modified by TDMK  

Video on Utube of Electro Arc 3KVA machine using a
4mm dia. electrode burning through a 12mm thick lathe tool



Please allow time 3/4 minutes, for clip to download
Note electrode protruding at 2 minutes.

In use the sparks can be contained by a rag or a plastic container

  click to enlarge

Broken stud being removed from a Rolls Royce cylinder head



Under the new REACH requirements, the only dielectric used is water.

We only work on the strict understanding that terms
 and conditions are understood and agreed.


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