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Using our portable spark eroding machines
Some of the jobs performed

We started in 1999 removing broken studs with broken extractors, mainly in the motor trade locally, and have since travelled the country, removing broken drills, taps, mould ejector pins, and head studs from plant and marine engines

1.  a 35mm piece of a 30mm drill from a hole some 300mm down a 30mm drilled hole in a 17 tonne casting bound for China, 
2.  a 5mm broken stud from an electrical motor. 
3.  We have also removed a broken diesel heater plug from a Mercedes diesel cylinder head, 2 broken wheel bolts from another Mercedes,
4. an extractor 40mm in diameter from a broken cylinder head bolt in Isle of Man Steam Packet  
Lady of Man.
5. A seized 100.oo mm bolt from a new concrete destruction testing  machine in Watford, London.
6. Broken lathe centres from both Corus Darlington and Corus Redcar 3 separate visits.
7. A broken stud in a Beechcraft aircraft engine at R.A.F. Cranwell in Lincs.
8. 200mm of a broken 60mm drill / boring bar in Sheffield
9. 2 broken taps in a Warrior tank and an M777 howitzer support frame for BAE Systems Barrow in Furness
10. A broken bolt for Alcoa Birmingham from a machine that makes aluminium sheet for the Airbus
11. Broken taps for Thyssen Krupp in components for the Euro Fighter.
12. Broken head bolts on the engine of an Dutch ex minesweeper, now used for the Dutch "sea scouts" at Hull
13. A broken drill in a naval 4.5" gun for  BAE Systems Barrow in Furness
14. Corroded studs and a broken tap on the boiler of the
Lydia Eva, the last of the drift trawlers of the Lowestoft fleet  
      being restored  at Small & Co marine Engineers of Lowestoft.
15. A broken head bolt in a 20 cylinder engine powering an electricity generator at Warrington  for Clarke Energy.
16. Have removed a broken cylinder head bolt from a trawler engine in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
17. A broken 60mm bolt in a machine for Alcoa Birmingham (see 8) third separate visit
18. A broken drill in a barrel for the AS90 mobile gun for BAE Systems Barrow in Furness third separate visit
19. Have burned 4 precise holes in casing of a Rolls Royce Spey Jet Engine. belonging to the M.O.D. on behalf
      of QinetiQ  at Shoeburyness.  Nov. 2009.
20. Removal broken bolts on an anti-missile, missile launcher for B.A.E. near Chelmsford
21. Warrington again to remove another head bolt for Clarke Energy.
22, Hastings this time for Clarke Energy.
23. Back to QinetiQ at Shoeburyness for more holes in the jet engine, Jan 2010
24  Rochdale for removal of a broken tap.
25. Remove broken bolts in a tram bogie for Nottingham Trams at Tecforce Derby,
26. Remove 2 broken taps for JCB.
27. Clean excess weld on a chassis frame being fabricated for a JCB Fastrac Tractor
28. Isle of Man Steam Packet  Catamaran ferry   Snaefell     Remove broken bolt with broken extractor from the
      turbo-charger one of the port engines
29.  4 of 3mm broken drills in a 2.8 metre diameter gear for a nautical gearbox
or David Brown Industries   in Huddersfield Picture 1   Picture 2
26  Remove seized  pin in auto coupler for a railway carriage again at
Tecforce Derby, plus 3 more jobs Nov. 2010
27  Removed broken pins in railway carriage doors for Railcare  in Milton Keynes Dec 2010 and Jan 2011
28  Removed broken taps in railway carriage bogies for Bombardier  in |Derby Feb 2011  Picture1  Picture 2
29 Removed broken bolts in pile auger drill for Roger Bullivant who were sub-contracting to May Gurney on the construction of a new railway station in North Shields, Newcastle-on-Tyne
30 Removed broken tap in a ship's prop shaft damper for Leeds Bradford Boiler
31 Removed broken tap for Babcock International in Leicester, a skip handler for nuclear waste.
32.Removed broken tap from control assembly and umbilical cord for valve intended for an oil rig at oceaneering.com Edinburgh
33. Again at Tecforce
34, broken stud in engine of Stena Nordica  at Holyhead, removed whilst vessel was underway.
35. 2 trips to NIA Birmingham to remove broken head bolt and 5 studs from turbo charger V12 engine
36. Remove 2 broken studs from anti-backfire valve on generating system for Clarke Energy. at Preston General Hospital
37. Once more to Aberdeen to remove a broken gun drill to a depth of 250 mm on an oil well control head for
      ASEP Elmar Ltd., part of
National Oil well Varco UK Limited.  www.nov.com

38. Several jobs both large and small, then back again to Holyhead to remove broken studs in port side main engine of  ferry to Dublin Stenna Adventurer ,  assisting Marine Turbo Ltd to remove 8 broken studs some with broken extractors in them.

39. Remove broken cylinder head bolt from a v configuration 20 cylinder generating unit for Infinis at Warrington

40. Remove 4 broken head bolts on Gulf Oil Offshore  oil rig supply vessel  North Truck in dock at A & P Tees dock in Middlesbrough
41. Remove broken cylinder head bolt from a v configuration 20 cylinder generating unit for Clarke Energy. at Canterbury

42. Broken tap in control unit at top of container handling crane at Port of Liverpool

42. Remove a broken cylinder head bolt from the engine of a Caterpillar generating unit for Viridor at Ipswich

43. 2 trips to Doncaster to remove broken bolts for the "A frame" that locates the rear axle on 2 Mercedes trucks,
      obviating the need to split the chassis.

44. A broken cylinder head bolt 48x5mm, x100mm long on MV Murcia Carrier in Falmouth



Visit web site for Lydia Eva, restoration project,
the last of the Lowestoft inshore steam drift trawlers


Under the new REACH requirements, the only dielectric used is water.


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