On Site Mobile Spark Erosion Services

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The Disintegrator Process

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Stripped and Damaged Threads

We carry a large range of Timesert and helicoil wire insert kits and can reclaim stripped internal threads of many sizes.
to return the threads back to original size.
Stripped sump plugs, spark plugs, cylinder head bolts have been repaired this way.

We also have a range of thick wall insets to reclaim badly damaged holes.

see www.threadrepairkits.co.uk

We can also "clean up" distorted external threads that are not too damaged.

These services can be carried out in an associates workshop or on site with our mobile service.

see http://www.brokenstudandboltremoval.co.uk/

On site work is charged by time, mileage and consumables


We only work on the strict understanding that our terms  and conditions are understood and agreed.