Spark Eroding. Co. UK
Mobile Spark Erosion Services
Pear Tree Engineering


  1.   Good Electric Power Supply  440  volt & assistance to connect and disconnect our equipment  to your supply, reduced voltages means lower power from our machines.

  2.  Good lighting adjacent to place of work, and to inspect work.

  3.  Adequate large supply of clean water, and removal of waste water at your expense by your staff.

  4. Suitable cleaning equipment to remove debris etc from work.

  5. Any clamping and alignment to facilitate our repair will be your responsibility and it  will expedite our work if clamping and other preparation has been completed before the arrival of  our engineers thus obviating any extra cost through delays. 

  6. Scaffolding and safety rails erected in position to provide safe access to work piece for our personnel.

  7. Clean components and working area.

  8. Constant access to work for duration of repair.

  9. Safe working environment.

  10. Dismantle as necessary to provide access to the component for repair, and positioning of our equipment.

  11. Adequate compressed Air Supply.

  12. Lifting facilities to move component for repair, and our equipment.

  13. Weather protection, including heating or cooling if needed.

  14. Shielding & masking of work area to protect from adjacent operations.

  15. Washing and messing for our personnel whilst on-site.

  16. A member of your staff  with knowledge of work piece, able to make decisions, available at all times.

  17. Assistance to load and unload Pear Tree engineering's heavy equipment at start and end of operations by fork lift truck or crane.

  18. If overnight stay required, to be arranged by customer at suitable hotel.

  19. Health and safety induction to your standards if needed.

  20. Take precautions to protect any of your equipment  particularly CNC controls from electrical surges which may be caused by our equipment.

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